Where is your gym located?

We are located in downtown Newark, on the corner of Halsey Street and Maiden Lane.

During our class hours there is typically plenty of street parking located around our facility.

We offer an array of training programs for you to choose from that best fits your schedule and preference, including:

  • small group training classes
  • mobility
  • personal training
  • community events

Depending on the amount of time desired, sessions can cost anywhere between $50 and $90 an hour.

We ask new members or those who have never worked out before to set up an introductory session. This is a free session that gives us the ability to take the time to speak with you, learn your goals, see how well you move and what kind of endurance that you possess.

If you’re looking for a monthly membership, we offer a 6-month and 12-month membership, with an option of either 3x/wk or unlimited classes each week. Feel free to call us for more information, 973-518-4559.

No! Our classes are designed for all body types with any physical background. Whether you’re a former college athlete or someone who has never attempted a routine workout schedule, we have the ability to tailor workouts for anyone.

Each class runs for approximately an hour, from warm-up to cool down.

Make sure that you’re in comfortable workout clothes. We ask that you bring a different pair of athletic shoes to use in the gym, as we try to keep things as sanitary as possible. Also, a bottle of water would be a great idea!