High School Programs

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High School Partnerships

Brick City Strength partners with schools in Newark to provide education and hands-on experience. We work with schools in varying aspects – with both students and student-athletes. We run nutrition and fitness classes, strength programs for off-season and in-season athletes as well as summer strength programs. Our goal is to educate our youth in health and nutrition so that they can combat the growing epidemic of childhood and, later on, adult chronic disease! 

Project Elevate

Project Elevate’s mission is straight-forward: to give inner city high school seniors, and possibly those currently seeking a springboard into a health-minded profession, the opportunity to change their health and future for the better by gaining a comprehensive knowledge of training and nutrition, and, upon completion of the Project, the ability to earn an income as a Personal Trainer.

If you are a high school or program looking to incorporate a health-oriented vocational program, please feel free to reach out to us so we can further discuss the possibility of Project Elevate at your school or facility.

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